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Devildom Battle


 Devildom Battlefield is a new feature in version 2.2.8.

Opening Time: from 12:00 - 14:00 and 20:00 - 22:00 every day.

Opening Level: 35

1.Players will be divided into two teams randomly: red and blue. 



2. Each team can obtain points by obtaining crystals and transporting them to their own camp. Also, teams can win points fighting the other team’s members while they carry crystals. 



        There will be a cooldown after fighting against the other team’s member.




3.The team that obtains 1000 points first wins the battle.




4. If the battle takes more than 20 minutes the team with highest score will win. 

5. The higher the score, the more rewards a team will receive. Players can claim their Stage Points and Stage Gold at the end of each Battle.




6. Stage Points can be used to upgrade the Stage. Upgrade the Stage to be able to receive more Stage Gold every week. Stage Gold can be used to buy items in the Stage Shop. Rewards will be sent by mail every week according to the Stage.



7. The Stage will be reset during the weekend.