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 Special Features in Version 2.2.0


Are you up to date about all the new features in Devil Age Version 2.2.0? Lets go through the 3 main updates in this new version that you shouldnt miss!


1. Wings:

Wings will be unlocked after players reach level 36. With a total of eight levels, each Wing upgrade grants increased power, a unique appearance and attributes to the player.




2. Adjusted Bond:

In version 2.2.0, Devil Age will now recommend two other devils that are the best matches for the team. 

Enter the info of a Demon and you’ll be able to see the Bond recommendation. Players can put the matching demons into their formation to get higher ATK, PDEF or MDEF in battles.




3. Better Rewards for Treasure Digging and Capture:

Treasure Digging and Capture Rewards for Daily Events have also been upgraded. Players now have a chance to receive better rewards when completing events, including an advanced Summon Book or Gems.