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 Summon the legendary witches in Devil Age!


A very special Valentine’s event with the collaboration of influencers in Devil Age’s Facebook.

From February 18th to 28th obtain the powerful gifts the three legendary witches hold! Apple Tan, Michell XiiaoAii and Jenna Chew are 3 of the most popular influencers in Southeast Asia, and are now collaborating with Devil Age to bring the players the best rewards!


A special event is going on right now in Devil Age’s official Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/DevilAgeOnline/) where players will have to summon their favorite witch. Show devotion for them by voting on the Devil Age’s official Facebook page, downloading and playing Devil Age using the link from every witch or exchanging gift packs from the shop!


There is a chance to enter a giveaway and win movie tickets participating in this event. Only one witch can be elected for the final summon, support the favorite one!


Every witch represents one of the Elements that make Devil Age’s battle system deeply strategic and dynamic. YangBaoBei is the leader of Team Frozen and a skillful ice witch. Michell XiiaoAii is the leader of Team Hurricane and a fast wind witch. And Janna Chew is the leader of Team Burning and the powerful fire witch! Remember, Ice is more powerful against Fire; Wind is more powerful against Ice and Fire is more powerful against Wind. Choose wisely!


Devil Age official website: devilage.net

Youtube: https://youtu.be/sfmmPN7iA-Q

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DevilAgeOnline/


About Devil Age

Devil Age is thrilling action RPG mobile game for Android available in Googleplay to download for free. In this new adventure, players will take the role of a demon who has to fight to free their people from the Gods with the help of its summoned allies.



1. Over 80 Demons

More than 80 demons to summon in battle with constant new additions to build an army!

2. Battle Formation System

Choose team formation based on enemies’ weaknesses

3. Fire, Ice and Wind. Tap to release the elemental power!

Unleash elemental magic to interrupt the opponents' skills.

4. Multiple dungeons to challenge the gods!

Face challenges to grow stronger and obtain special rewards.

5.  More flexibility to enhance summoned demons!

6.  A treasure hunting system that will let players increase their resources.

Devil Age will take players to a journey of adventure and magic!


Pricing & Availability

Devil Age is free-to-play and currently available in Googleplay and Gameroom for PC. It will be soon available in IOS.


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