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 Enhance Evil Heroes

Devil Age is an MMORPG for mobile with thrilling turn-based battles. Play Devil Age to unravel its unique story!

There are a lot of different features to improve and personalize your army of demons and your character. Today, we will introduce you the Demons:


1.       Demon Stars

Demons have different qualities depending on how many stars they possess. More stars means a higher Battle Rating and therefore better opportunities to upgrade.




2.       Types of Demons

Demons have different elements. They can be either Wind, Ice or Fire demons. Ice is more powerful against Fire, Fire is more powerful against Wind and Wind is more powerful against Ice. When creating a new demon formation, make sure you have this in mind. It will be easier to defeat your enemies if you arrange your formation wisely.




3.       Demon Quality

Demons can be evolved to better quality when they reach a specific level. For example, demons with White quality can be evolved to Green. Green can be evolved to Blue… 5-star demons can be evolved up to Orange +4 quality, the highest quality! 4-star demons can be evolved to Purple+3. And the potential of 3-star demons and 2-star demons are lower.


4.       Dismantling demons

One day you will be stronger and you will find some of your weakest demons to be useless. In this case, you can dismantle your demons to obtain materials in return!




5.       Demon Skills

You demon’s skills affect their BR. Skills will upgrade when you evolve your demons.




6.       Bloodline

When you reach Lv.31, the Bloodline System will be unlocked. You can use Bloodline Essences and Balens to train your demons and increase their stats.




7.       Demon Runes

When your character reaches a specific level, you will be able to equip your demons with Runes. Every demon can equip 4 different Runes, which can be enchanted using Gold, refined using Refining Stones, and inherited using Runes. The better the Runes are, the better the stat boost! Just like the Bond Skills, there will be bonus stats if demons equip specific Runes.